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D & G Credit Restoration Program

This is Credit Restoration, the real deal, not "credit repair". We'll teach you how to get your score up into the 700's and show you how to keep it there or we'll enlist the D&G team to guide you.


What You Can Expect From
Proven Pathways Credit Restoration

· Learn How to Remove Inaccurate & Unfair Items on your Credit Reports

· Save $1,000’s by Learning How to Negotiate Settlements with Collection Agencies and Law Firms

· Learn the Difference Between FICO and Vantage Credit Scores

· Watch Your Credit Score start to increase WITHIN 90 DAYS

· Start Getting Loan APPROVALS
What You Can Expect From
D&G Credit Restoration
· Proprietary Attorney Software - The System Detects, Corrects, or Deletes Inaccurate Remarks on the Credit Report which Brings Down Your Credit Score.

· Create a Personalized Action Plan to Guide the Client Through Steps to Achieve Your Credit Score Goals

· Access to a 24/7 Secure Portal to Follow the Process from Start to Finish

· Get Resources to Budget Your Finances

· Results in 90-Days if Personalized Action Plan is Followed
Your On Your Way
The Pathway To Good Credit Isn't Complicated, But It Takes Your Commitment To Follow The Steps and Maintain Your Perseverance To Achieve Your Goals.

Verify your report information

Learn to Remove Inaccurate & Unfair Items on Your Credit Report!

Learn How to Negotiate

Learn How to Negotiate Settlements with Collection Agencies and Law Firms to Save you $1000's on collection items.

Watch your

credit score Climb!

See Your Score Start to Move Within the First 90 Days. Get It To The 700s Within A Year And Learn To Keep It There.

Benefit from a higher fico score

Get The Loans You Need at the Interest Rates You Want To Help You Grow Your New Real Estate Business (or Any Other Business)!

We Look Forward To Hearing How Your New and Improved Credit Score Has Benefited You!

Here's What a Few Happy Clients Had to Say.

Anthony M.
I had a conversation with Vic who gave me very practical tips improve my credit. I would highly recommend Vic and his coaching to anyone who needs to boost their credit score.

Marques O.
I had the pleasure to work with Victor. He has helped me repair my credit, due to some credit issues I had in my past that has negatively effected my credit. Working with Victor has been a true pleasure and joy. He has helped me not just resolve past credit issues, he has helped give me strategies to improve my credit on a consistent basis. It is with great pleasure that I give Victor and his credit restoration programs the highest recommendation. Working with him will truly help you to achieve the personal goals for you and your loved ones!!

Lupe D.
Vic is great! Super professional, knowledgeable and very helpful!

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D & G Credit Restoration (Attorney Software)
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